The life of many Tanzanians is intimately connected to the environment. Survival of present and future generations depends on the harmonious relationship with the natural elements. Rational utilization of environmental resources is not only determined by planners and decision makers who may need correct, up-to-date and reliable data for effective decisions, but also the people who are directly connected to the resources. On the other hand, data and information generation and awareness towards a comprehensive overview of Tanzania's natural resources, their status and trends, and the costs and benefits of their conservation and utilization is a pre-requisite for basic understanding for the formulation of strategic interventions.

PAMOJA ENVIRONMENTAL FOCUS is an environmental not-for-profit organization, registered in Tanzania in July 2012 with Certificate of Incorporation Reg. No. 92451. PAMOJA focuses on environmental education and awareness, community based natural resources management, natural resources governance, sustainable consumption and livelihoods as well as research targeting marine, climate change, forestry, wildlife, health and sanitation, freshwater and energy including community environmental awareness issues related to gas and oil exploration and extraction.

PAMOJA ENVIRONMENAL FOCUS is committed to sustainable environmental management initiatives that meet the needs of many Tanzanians at rural and urban settings, explore avenues, share experiences and workable solutions to address life challenges that connects to their natural environment and sustainable lifestyles.

Our Vision

A state where people live sustainable lifestyles in a stable natural environment.

Our mission

To improve people's quality of life by developing their capacities to respond to new challenges and opportunities and enabling them take active and well-informed decisions and actions that result into positive environmental management which integrate viable livelihoods and sustainable lifestyles


To promote adoption of strategies that are geared towards eliminating poverty, improving food security, and conserving the environment

To initiate and promote sustainable livelihood options and local community participation in conservation of natural resources

To enhance capacity development of stakeholders in research on feasible economic options and biological diversity

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